Chimney Flashing Installation

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Chimney Flashing Installation

The chimney flashing is a vital part of the chimney that should be kept well maintained. It plays a vital role and protects your home from water damage by preventing rain and water from leaking in. We have been installing and repairing chimney flashings throughout Los Angeles for over 20 years. With all chimney flashing repair and installation service, we use the best materials on the market to provide the highest level of protection from water and leaks. However, chimney flashing materials have shorter lifespan and durability than other parts of your chimney and roof (bricks, mortar, cement, wood). Therefore these materials naturally deteriorate quicker over time and it is recommended to have your chimney inspected periodically for any deterioration or defects.

Our services include:

  • Chimney flashing leak repair
  • Chimney flashing repair
  • Replace chimney flashing
  • Chimney flashing installation

We offer top-notch chimney flashing service

Because chimney locations always vary, you may not notice water damage until it has penetrated further into your roof. Additionally, constant moisture in your attic or ceiling is a great attributor to wood rot and drywall damage. In order to prevent costly repairs and keep larger problems at bay, it’s important to take care of any chimney flashing problems immediately. All our technicians are certified and highly skilled to flash a chimney, making sure it creates a waterproof seal that will protect your home for years to come

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If your flashing is no longer serving your chimney system, then it is time for change. Luckily, Chimney Sweep Masters is here to help. We specialize in flashing repair and installation and can make sure your system is protected against external factors. Give us a call at (310) 919-4862 to schedule a service appointment or to receive a free quote regarding your Chimney flashing

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