5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For A Chimney Sweep

Is your chimney due for a sweep soon? If so, there are a couple of things you should ensure before your visit comes. It's good to know how to prepare your home for a visit from a chimney sweep as things can get a bit messy. 

Here are our 5 recommended ways to prepare your homes for a chimney sweep. Keep on reading to find out!


1. Cover Furniture

Covering nearby furniture should be the first thing you do prior to a chimney sweep. Your furniture is probably the most valuable item in the room and you definitely do not want to take a risk during the sweeping process. Chimneys are typically a terrible mess inside, particularly when you have a wood-burning fireplace. Try to obtain an old blanket/towel/bed sheet that you don't mind ruining. Cover your furniture and you are good to go. 


2. Clear the Pathway

Clearing the pathway for the sweeping process could very much assist in preventing unintentional damages. As our service professionals enter your home, it will save time if there is plenty of workspace from the door to the fireplace. We also recommend putting away any pets that may be underfoot as well as keeping children from entering the area unsupervised. 


3. Ensure a Cool Chimney

You probably did not know this, but chimney sweepers can only perform work if the chimney is cool. It is best not to use the fireplace between 24 and 48 hours prior to service treatment. The reason being is due to the fact that the interior of the fireplace gets extremely hot when turned on and does require some time to cool down in order for work to be performed. 


4. Remove Nearby Decor & the Fireplace Items

Removing nearby decor and fireplace items, such as picture frames, vases, etc. will ensure that they do not get ruined. Accidents happen all the time. The best way to prevent valuable items from getting damaged is simply putting them away! We also recommend that nearby fireplace tools and equipment, such as baskets of logs, be moved at least a few feet away from the area. 


5. Share Personal Concerns

If you happen to have special concerns regarding your chimney, then this is the best time to share it with your sweeping expert. It could save time if the chimney technician is aware of any problems you are having. Also, it will make the job much more focused and intentional. For instance, Have you detected foul odors? Is the fireplace smoky?. These are all important concerns that should be brought to the attention of the chimney technician. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts! We greatly appreciate it. 



Do you feel more ready for the chimney sweep treatment? If so, then it is time to call for a service appointment! Throughout the Los Angeles area, Chimney Sweep Masters has earned the loyalty of homeowners and business owners alike. 

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